DC2 Healthcare

DC2 Healthcare is devoted to providing the most state-of-the-art analytics platform in the healthcare landscape, as well as providing excellent opportunities for physicians to increase revenue while driving down costs.

Broad Networks of Physicians

DC2 provides access to two prominent networks of physicians, C3 and NOC2, covering a wide range of specialties across the continuum. With a wide range of revenue-generating products, and services engineered to cut down on expenses, physicians and their practices can have greater control over their income stream.

Physician Quality Reporting System

As an approved vendor of PQRS submissions, DC2 seeks to fully implement the most current PQRS measures and submission processes in order to assist providers with avoiding PQRS penalties. With support for all Individual and Group measures published to date, and a wide range of accepted data formats, providers have many choices at hand for submitting for PQRS through DC2.

About DC2

Behind all the healthcare technology and research, DC2 is a company focused on helping doctors and hospitals provide optimal care to patients at a manageable cost. To help move healthcare forward, we've developed an analytics system that examines patient data to identify gaps in care as well as the financial implications of each treatment. DC2 also works with physicians on outcomes research projects to add to the body of evidence providers use to make treatment decisions and form clinical practice guidelines. And since we believe that collaboration is the key to progress, we're uniting clinical thought leaders into regional networks so doctors can work together throughout the continuum of care.

C3 Physician Network

C3 is a clinical quality network composed of providers focused on utilizing evidence-based medicine to deliver optimal care to patients throughout the continuum of care.
By engaging in outcomes research that records quality and cost data in patient registries, C3 members gain a greater understanding of the clinical, financial and administrative factors that affect the value of care delivery.
As DC2 healthcare’s clinical continuum network, C3 unites providers from across the country to collaborate on outcomes research that improves the standards of care by contributing to the body of evidence clinicians use to inform their treatment decisions. Our research projects focus on comparative effectiveness as well as the relationship between clinical quality measures and patient outcomes in regional populations.
In uniting providers throughout the continuum, we hope to help the United States transition from a system based on volume to one based on value for patients. In basing delivery on value, our members will be able to deliver care that more fully centers on the patient by eliminating unnecessary care, collaborating across specialties to share valuable clinical information and ensuring treatment protocols meet the necessary standards for quality.
The movement toward value-based care is already well underway. Join C3 and discover how providers across the U.S. are using outcomes to improve patient care and decrease costs while boosting revenue to record numbers.

NOC2 Physician Network

Amidst a vastly changing healthcare landscape, there is increased opportunity and urgency for collaboration and unification between doctors, providers and industry leaders. NOC2 believes that improved patient care will come from research that is identified, informed and executed by leading physicians and industry experts.
In order for this to happen, there needs to be a venue for dialogue where healthcare professionals can leverage their expertise and generate the collective energy needed to innovate relevant advancements for the benefit of all parties.
NOC2 sees our current paradigm shift in healthcare as an opportunity for greater cross-industry alignment. Our network is interested in creating change versus being at the effect of it. In the face of shrinking reimbursement, funding cuts and increasing healthcare expenditures it is up to each of us in the medical industry to take a stand on what we believe will truly lead to improved patient care and a more judicious healthcare system for all.