Christina Cook Named Nashville Healthcare Hero

Nashville — April 16,2013 — Christina Cook, founder and CEO of DC2 Healthcare, was named one of Nashville’s Healthcare Heroes for 2013 in the entrepreneurship category by the Nashville Business Journal.

The Healthcare Heroes award recognized Mrs. Cook’s work in developing an analytics model that identifies guidelines for physicians to improve their clinical quality measures through evidence-based medicine.

In addition to developing an analytics program that helps providers identify clinical and financial areas for improvement, Mrs. Cook has also worked to unite DC2’s clients into a network focused on utilizing clinical intelligence to standardize treatment pathways. 

 “The goal of DC2 Healthcare is to help doctors transition to a value-based system so they can provide optimal care for their patients,” said Cook. ” Applying our analytics and evidence-based research to aggregated data generates clear pathways for not only improving the care patients receive, but also for lowering the costs associated with that care.”

Standardizing treatment pathways is widely regarded as a solution for eliminating unnecessary care and consequently lowering medical costs in the U.S. Forming a network comprised of physicians and healthcare professionals would place physicians in the driver’s seat to determine which treatment pathways they consider optimal and most effective.

2013’s Healthcare Heroes awards mark the 6th year the Nashville Business Journal has named standout professionals in Nashville’s healthcare industry. Award recipients will be featured in a Nashville Business Journal publication on May 24th.

About DC2 Healthcare

DC2  is a healthcare analytics and clinical research company focused on empowering healthcare professionals through meaningful clinical data intelligence. We identify clear pathways for lowering the cost of care and improving patient outcomes.

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