For the U.S. healthcare system to alter it’s structure in a meaningful way, nearly every type of organization in the industry must change their processes to deal with a system focused not on the volume of services performed, but on the quality and value derived from those services. In order to define value, advanced technologies must be applied to gain a deeper understanding of the clinical and financial nuances of every episode of care. Research must also be pursued that compares the effectiveness of variations in current clinical practice guidelines in order to improve the body of evidence clinicians use to inform their treatment decisions.

That’s what DC2 does: we use analytics to help providers uncover methods for delivering optimal care at a lower cost – what we call clinical intelligence. Utilizing clinical intelligence, you’ll gain a new, comprehensive understanding of the ties that bind clinical quality measures, financial expenses and administrative protocols together. Once gaps in care are uncovered, we help your organization implement changes so you meet the quality standards required by federal and private insurers, deliver care at a lower cost and keep patients healthier.

Current clinical guidelines can be excessive or ineffective, especially for patients with chronic conditions. DC2 also designs and executes outcomes research that compares the effectiveness of specific interventions and contributes to the body of evidence clinicians use to determine the appropriate treatments for their patients.

By offering both outcomes research opportunities and clinical intelligence, DC2 helps providers address the cost and quality aspects of value-based care while also supply physicians with an avenue to improve the standards of care that patients receive around the country.

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