Dr. Fernando Diaz

Dr. Diaz is recognized world wide for his treatment of brain aneurysms and vascular disease of the head and neck. He is one of only several neurosurgeons in Michigan skilled in radiosurgery using the advanced technology Gammaknife for the treatment of tumors and other abnormalities. Listed among the best surgeons in the United States, Dr. Diaz is a frequent speaker to audiences around the world on advanced neurosurgical procedures and treatments.

Dr. Diaz has held prominent positions of leadership including his current role of Professor and Chairman Neurological Surgery Department for both Beaumont University School of Medicine and William Beaumont Hospitals. He is also a lawyer and holds a master’s degree in Administration, and has previously served in the United States Air Force.

  • Neurosurgeon, Michigan Head & Spine InstituteFernando G. Diaz, M.D., PH.D.
  • Professor and Chairman Neurological Surgery Department
  • Oakland University School of Medicine and William Beaumont Hospitals
  • Aneurysm
  • Stroke
  • Microsurgery
  • Cervical spine reconstruction
  • Cerebrovascular surgery
  • GammaKnife radiosurgery
  • Artificial disc replacement

Clayton Thomas

Clayton Thomas is nationally known as being an expert in detoxification and wellness. He has spent the majority of his career leading sales, marketing, and product development. Recognized in the wellness and environmental community for his contributions to the improvement and detoxification of our habitat, Clayton has won multiple awards for these advancements. He has also been nationally recognized for his accomplishments in strategically improving sales organizations and Boards of Directors. His passion is improving people and the environment.


Dr. Christina Cook

Christina Cook has spent the majority of her career in healthcare focused on research, science, analytics, and business. She has worked for numerous pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and has also founded and developed multiple companies, including non-profits. Christina’s mission and goal is to improve patient and provider care and to benefit the healthcare landscape as a whole.

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