Two surgeons studying file in operating theatre in hospital

Value-Based Care. Pay-for-Performance. Quality Improvement Initiatives.

The healthcare industry is flooded with these types of phrases trying to describe the myriad of changes the medical system is undergoing in the United States. Those buzzwords do serve a purpose – we’re certainly not above using them – but they do little to intuitively communicate the changes happening for both providers and patients.

Behind the new healthcare vernacular, and even behind the impending regulatory changes, lies a simple truth: U.S. healthcare must move away from its old models and embrace new technology and delivery standards to better serve its patients. Reimbursing providers simply for performing treatments instead of monitoring the effectiveness of the delivered treatment will no longer suffice. Handing patients off with little or no communication between physicians is an antiquated way of treating patients. Change is already happening, and it’s taken the form of new standards for treatment outcomes and fresh requirements for collaboration among healthcare professionals.

The transition will not be easy or even necessarily speedy, but it is inevitable. DC2 was founded to help all healthcare stakeholders identify where they need help within the clinical quality movement and deliver services that empower them to deliver or receive high quality care at a reasonable, controllable price.

We envision a healthcare system with clearer lines of communication between physicians and patients, with providers in different stations of the continuum of care working together to treat patients to the best of their ability and with clinical practice guidelines derived from the best available evidence.

That’s what DC2 does: we move healthcare forward.

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