DC2 Medical Director Submits Abstracts to WFNS

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SEOUL, Korea— One of DC2 Healthcare’s Founders and current Medical Director Fernando Diaz M.D., Ph.D., has submitted an abstract regarding minimally invasive transverse lumbar fusion with computer navigational guidance to the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies. Dr. Diaz’s abstract posits that utilizing computer navigational techniques for spine procedures optimizes instrument…

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Christina Cook Named Nashville Healthcare Hero


Nashville — April 16,2013 — Christina Cook, founder and CEO of DC2 Healthcare, was named one of Nashville’s Healthcare Heroes for 2013 in the entrepreneurship category by the Nashville Business Journal. The Healthcare Heroes award recognized Mrs. Cook’s work in developing an analytics model that identifies guidelines for physicians to improve…

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Warning to Patients and Providers

WARNING TO ALL PATIENTS AND PHYSICIANS: Recently, there have been a large number of companies offering genetic testing services to patients in a less-than-ethical manner. These companies offer to purchase genetic samples from patients for research purposes, claiming to use the data in a legal, ethical manner to improve healthcare and…

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