We’re Brand New!

New Look. Same Vision

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Hi there. Glad to see you. As you may have noticed, we’ve  revamped the DC2 website as well as our logos for DC2, NOC2 and C3. Basically, we’ve completely redone our branding for our major service offerings under the DC2 umbrella.

Why you may ask? Well the simple answer is that we listen. We’ve listened to what our clients have said and we’ve taken their advice in moving all of our brands forward. Our goal was to introduce an element of simplicity into our network of service offerings to better serve our clients and their patients.

You see, we understand that healthcare is already incredibly convoluted and the rate of change only seems to be accelerating. We understand that patients and providers can find themselves overwhelmed at times and that trying to understand the myriad of new technologies and products can hurt rather than help a practice or a hospital or even the patient experience.

We understand all of that, and that’s why we’ve focused on simplicity in our new branding — simplicity of communication, simplicity of design and simplicity of delivery. After all, is there any better feeling than a simple answer to your question? Of course, not every answer will be simple as not every situation calls for a simple answer, but even complexity can be communicated simply. And that’s what we’re striving for.

Around the Site

This site varies radically from our old one in both design and functionality. The high points begin with the blog (where you are now) where we’ll discuss our ongoing quality research initiatives as well as the current trends and breakthroughs in value-based care.

If you click to our clinical quality networks page, you’ll find links to our NOC2 and C3 sites that provide more detail into why providers need to collaborate in networks as well as the benefits they gain.

We’ve also added an graphic that describes our process for creating clinical intelligence.

And coming soon, we’ll have a login for NOC2 and C3 members that provides them access to ICD-10 training (another example of services we’ve added based on client feedback).

We appreciate your support and look forward to sharing the way outcomes research and clinical intelligence can help healthcare transform from a model based purely on completion to one focused on quality and results.

Let us know what you think of the new look; leave a comment below!

-the DC2 Team

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